About me

Hello everyone!

Welcome to Mysweetblog 🙂

My name is Havle and I am a university student who is excited to inspire others! Mysweetblog doesn’t have a specific topic, I try to write about everything that inspires me and make inspiration contagious! I am happy to share things that lift me up in life and give a hand to people who would like to do so too! I post interesting tips, how tos, to dos and all other sort of stuff ! Oh, I do polls once in a while too!

I am blogging publicly instead of writing a diary, because I do want to finally get my words out there with the hope that someone might feel insterested and enjoy themselves in this blog, after keeping diaries for 10 years now! I still do keep diaries by the way! 😀

I bit about myself… I love to play the guitar although I’m not an expert, to sing, to laugh, to write and to connect with people from a wide range of differences! With this blog, I hope to accomplish nothing but a bit of fun, laughter, inspiration and connection with people all around the world!

I hope to see you around Mysweeetblog!

Lots of love!



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