The big life and the little moments

Hey everyone! 🙂

It has been some time since I started this blog, it has been 3 years approximately. Unbelievable!

Since that day, I have changed as a person and in the way that I look at the world. It was unavoidable, since I had started this blogging journey when I was 15 years old. 🙂 My first posts were mostly about tips and tricks, however, as I progressed through time I started writing about my daily inspirations and tried exploring different abstract topics. I guess my last post was the post where I most tried deepen in not so pleasant emotions compared to all other posts here. It is hard to talk about failing, being alone and these kind of personally hurtful emotions for most of us. My main intention was to explore and go as deep as possible. Sometimes we don’t know the worst of something and that is what holds us back from letting ourselves experience that thing- in the case of phobias for example. I thought that putting together some personal experiences I had lived and heard of and coming up with a scenario of those emotions would be an interesting way to learn more about them. The blog post might have come across as a depressing one for some; no worries, I am planning on writing some beautiful stuff in the upcoming weeks. 🙂

Well! I have experienced quite a lot lately actually! I have moved into a new country to finish my bachelor degree. Normally the moving and packing and saying goodbye is a painful and hard process for me. This time, when I had tears in my eyes when saying goodbye to my friends and loved ones, I had hope inside me. I knew I was leaving precious things and people behind, but I was excited for something new. I had been waiting for six months to find my settling place and I had found it. I felt empowered and ready to take in anything in the place I was headed to. And that is exactly what happened when I got out of that plane.

That scene in the movies where the character walks in with a big smile and big steps as the sun sets- I had that moment of my life just this month. Of course it was not as cool as the movie scenes- it never is. 😀 Sure, I put some good music in my ear and did some slow motion walking to make it more movie-like, cuz why not, you know? But you get the point.  😀 The rest unfolded pretty easily. I met amazing people and received some love I never expected out of the blue. I am hopeful of the rest of my journey here. 🙂

Blogging hasn’t been my priority in the past months and weeks. But now I am slowly settling down and coming up with a new routine (although I am going to put my best effort to not live routine-like here) and I wish to continue writing posts now and then.

Just two weeks ago I was worried about when and how to film the last episode of the series me and my friends came up with and of course, where to complete my studies. Now I am worried about how to communicate to my new housemate that she should remove the word “you” when talking about loving things, such as, I love you chocolate. It is funny. I just realized that time flows like nothing else and although some moments give us pain, we should appreciate even being in those moments. Because even being in a moment is such a glorious thing.

I remember feeling stuck for a certain period of time when nothing was going my way last year. I was constantly waiting to be approved in both life circumstances and personal ways. Then one day I looked out of the window and realized that yes I was waiting to get a ‘yes’ response from a consulate and running around to gather files but my daily priorities had shifted into film making and exploring new places. I knew it was easy to get used to the good life, but it is the same for the bad circumstances. After some time of feeling heavy pain, it was impossible to not notice the good things around me. And that is what matters actually. We all have routine things going on in our lives but what makes it all precious is  how we fill those moments- obviously by noticing the little difference each day makes in our lives.

Just, wherever you are and whatever bad thing you are experiencing, get out of that state for a minute and think to yourself how the moment you are in matters overall. It is not about what is happening, even if it is, the most important thing is how you are able to look at the moment and the meaning you attach to each. Choose to attach a good meaning. And maybe then you can smile, just a little? Maybe a lot?

Well then. This is where I say goodbye! Without screwing up the nice ending I have written, I will say my last words and wish you good luck with whatever you are going through.

See you very soon!







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