May I please get a global citizenship?

It definitely feels good to be writing again! 🙂

Recently I was asked a question that made me realize a couple of things about myself. My friend was homesick and she randomly asked me the question, “Where do you feel like home?”

It was definitely a pausing-and-thinking-moment for me. Interestingly enough, I had nowhere that I called home. Now this may come across as something not so pleasant, but it actually feels like the opposite. I have grown up far from my original country and lived in 4 different countries through my life of education. I have not been stable and on a certain location for a very long time.

During my high school years, this was a problem because I had identification issues. I didn’t know exactly where I belonged and mixed my nationality up with all the places I have been living. Now I do acknowledge where I was born and where I came from. However, I do not feel very patriotic about any country. I do not feel like I miss a specific place because I have a sense of belonging over there. I sure do miss a lot of people though. From all around the world. I have met amazing people world round and it has always been hard to leave them behind. And maybe that is the only sense of missing I have in that matter.

How is it like? Well it is quite nice actually! 🙂 It makes it easier for me to get used to new places more easily! Recently I have moved to a totally new country for my university transfer and it has been great! The environment might have reinforced my liking of the environment as well, but I have been enjoying this settling journey to be honest. 🙂

Maybe I should claim that I have a global citizenship. 😀 I wish they had something like that for real! I would love to be the first one to get it! 😀

So think about yourself. Where do you call home? Do you consider yourself a world citizen?


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