The majesty about altitudes

Altitude… There is something about it that takes my breath away. And I should be in the open-air, not watching a high view from the back of a place, a restaurant or a half-open car window. I should feel that breeze on my cheeks; doesn’t matter if it’s too cold or too hot or just perfect, I just wanna feel it. It has to be there to complete the feeling of freedom. There shouldn’t be a fence either. I don’t want to watch that beautiful view in between bars of shapes. I have to fully be in front of it- I have to be embracing the view, or the view has to be embracing me. It has to be like a full-on communication.

The truth is that altitudes scare the bits in me. But I guess that is what adrenaline is all about. That scary feeling is what brings out the laughter in me, it is what makes me smile to the fullest up there, it is what makes me want to scream my lungs out and end that scream with a laugh.

I love it when I am up up high and I am staring at a scenery and suddenly a smoke comes in. You know that smoke that appears on tops of mountains from far? I always wished to be in one in my life. I have flown on airplanes many times and went in between clouds, but again, I don’t like it when a window is in between. It was always my dream to be in that smoke at that very top of the mountain and since small, I would stare at the mountains wherever I was, filled with that desire and longing. And finally this year, not too long ago, just 2 months ago, I had that dream come true.

At the miraculous Jesus the Redeemer Statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, I was able to dance and jump inside the smoke, with the music I had prepared from a long long time ago on my earphones. I guess that was one of the few moments where I felt so much happiness inside me at the same time. I remember giving rounds around the Statue and pretending like I was flying with open arms. It was magical! I couldn’t see much around me, I only understood where I was by the orientation of my hand that was rubbing on the sides of the statue as I circled. 🙂 It was like being inside the unknown but at the same being fully present and clearly aware of everything! It was like feeling baffled and found at the same time. It was truly magical.

That is what altitudes make me feel in general. I feel like I can stay detached out of everything going on at that village, town or city, but feel completely connected to all of its parts. Most of the times, because walking is not possible on many occasions due to the high altitude, I went with a car or a bus until a point. And no matter how bad or down I felt, when we started going up in the way to the mountains, this amusement sense filled me. I always uncontrollably smile and feel butterflies in my stomach, like I am about to meet that someone I love after so many years of longing and missing! 😀

When I am standing at the top, I feel like I forget all my problems, because I feel like I am able to finally understand that there is a bigger picture to everything. I feel like no matter how stuck I might be at something, there is always a bigger perspective into that problem. And altitudes remind me that I should be grateful no matter what, because just like those many roads that look like dead end streets from the inside, are intertwined to each other from the very top view. They are not that black and white. They are inspiring and hope arising. 🙂

I probably wouldn’t want to be a climber or a pilot. I love altitudes, but I like what it reminds me of. I would be scared to getting used to the peaks and forget about that remembrance. As humans, we get used to things pretty quickly. And no matter how great things start off, after some point everything wears off. To keep the altitudes special, I guess I prefer to think of them as my run-away point. 🙂 I prefer to have them as once in a while experiences that keep me going for long times. Although it feels like a dream even before I get down, I love to have the peaks as my once-in-a-while spots. 🙂

Think about it. Do you find the same inspiration at the mountains and balconies? Do you love every bit about the peaks like I do? If yes, welcome to the club! I’d be happy to have you at the comments section. 🙂

Goodbye! Take care, reader!


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