Found out that my neighbor is a guitar player

I feel like I am in my happiest corner right now. My upper neighbor is playing the guitar, and it is the most beautiful thing in the world… To hear someone with so much passion and such a beautiful voice!

When I myself play the guitar, I can’t help but wonder, would someone hear me and would they be disturbed by it, would they like it? And now that I am able to appreciate this person’s efforts, I imagine there might be some people who actually feel pleasant about hearing some music on their roof or beneath their house.

Well, my upper neighbors are quite a musical family I can say. They play the piano and hearing them improve day by day makes me so happy! However, it is my first time hearing them play the guitar and maybe that is the reason why I am so starstruck about it! It is really amazing- the power of music. It makes people feel connected even though they might feel and come from very different places of the world. 🙂

I appreciate that, and this blog post should go as a big thank-you to everyone who carries the passion and love to spread beauty and music around them! 🙂


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