Under-the-stars-blog: Finding your voice again

Hello dear readers,

I hope you are doing well. Well, tonight I decided to just take a blanket and spread out on the big balcony of my house that I never take enough advantage of. It is the best feeling to be laying here at midnight, watching the sky, listening to the birds that never stop singing and appreciating the lights that flash from the houses far on the mountains.

Let me tell you a little bit more about the atmosphere here, because without it, it would be hard, if not impossible, to get into this mode and gather this inspiration for writing. I guess I am advantageous that I live in a house with a mountain view. I always loved the highs, as I spoke in another blog about how they have been forever inspirational to me. At this hour of the night, I feel more connected with them as I feel there is a connection between the trees and the greens disguised in the darkness and the softly blowing refreshing bits of wind. It is kinda magical out here. This little me and the small light coming from my computer and the ascending wide universe that I am able to make a connection with, independent of who I am, where i came from or what I believe in… It is truly magical…

It would be impossible for me to not dive into my deeper soul and focus on my inner voice with all this pre-prepared source of readiness and environmental blending that I experience. It makes me realize the long time that I wasn’t really in the state of easiness of mind and soulful connection. Yes, I have been going through some life issues, although nothing as serious or nothing I take very serious any longer, and I believe I have been managing them smoothly, in the degree that they don’t get to my head and I don’t let them. And that makes me happy. But these precious times of inspiration and soulful connection are a must for me.

They bring me back to my senses and make me question about realities of myself and my life without feeling judged, or kept secret or overwhelmed. They just make me feel okay to be at the point I am, doing the things I do. I find a space inside me to explore myself and that is the best permission in the world… 🙂

Yeah. Nights like this don’t always come around. And maybe that is what makes them special. Just, when they do, hold on to them, if not, make them happen. Create your own magic and your own space. Stay a little late, a little cold, a little detached- if those things are gonna tap into your senses and bring you awareness and okayness with that awareness. 🙂 Dig deeper once in a while, find your own voice again.

Stay safe and peaceful. 🙂

Good bye!


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