Why you should avoid a surprise birthday party

What a weird title, right?

I know! But sometimes, life just happens and you gotta run away from what you gotta run away! Honestly, for a birthday girl, I’m speaking weird stuff, but I just had to get this out of my chest.

Well. Before throwing a surprise party or an event for someone, it is very very important to consider the level of friendship you are in, people. In their birthday people be like, “Oh I hope they surprise me! When will they?” WELL. Not every birthday is a dream come true for everyone. Unfortunately! It’s supposed to be a happy day but it just ain’t for some of us!

In my head, it functions like this. So, you can be my family, my friend, my very close friend. Whatever. BUT if things got weird between us for some reason, you just don’t throw me a surprise birthday party. Because the reconciliatory process becomes mandatory in the occasion of a ‘surprise birthday party’. I can’t walk into a surprise birthday party with a million people lead by you and not pretend to be happy about it. Whether it’s a smile, a laughter, a whatever. That surprise birthday party is gonna get that out of me- whether I like it or not. But in no sense you walk around thinking that’s gonna bring us close together again.

It didn’t happen to me. THANK GOD it didn’t, because that would be awkward as hell.

But even the thought of it shook me to my roots people. I looked like a freakin’ mad person checking every corner before stepping out at that school the entire day! Maybe I really got crazy and tried to relate every detail to a surprise coming from the person. But that’s what happens when the person tells you when you were in good terms that s/he would make you a surprise on your birthday. The struggle starts right there. Since the person promised when you were in good terms, will the person still think about doing that although you are not in good terms anymore? Or will the person use that as an opportunity to turn back to good terms? No answers! How you gon’ get them?! You can’t. That’s why you shouldn’t judge a birthday girl looking like a freakin’ mad person checking all the corners at school before stepping out. Experience is speaking right here.

Well, not quite what you expect from the main character of a beautiful day. However, you can find tons of information about how to throw a surprise party and how to love it and how not, so you are welcome to appreciate the exotically differentiating perspective I’m giving you on this one. 😉

Without further asay, enjoy your past and upcoming birthdays people. Don’t forget to run away from them freaks.



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