Detective Mode: ON

Hey there! I realized I had seen many interesting and funny things on the road while in the bus, on my way home today. Most of the time I find myself daydreaming while I am in a vehicle passing through roads and streets. I consciously brought my attention back to the present today! I suggested … More Detective Mode: ON

The awaited Candy Festival knocks our doors!

Hi everybody! Are you all ready to welcome this year’s Candy Feast as much as I am? For the ones that don’t know, Candy Feast is celebrated as part of an annual 3 daylong religious Ramadan festival (17-18-19 July this year), mostly specific to Middle Eastern Muslim countries and countries such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, … More The awaited Candy Festival knocks our doors!

About me

Hello everyone! Welcome to Mysweetblog 🙂 My name is Havle and I am a university student who is excited to inspire others! Mysweetblog doesn’t have a specific topic, I try to write about everything that inspires me and make inspiration contagious! I am happy to share things that lift me up in life and give … More About me